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Recently, ViSTOL was given the opportunity to help Dr. Campos renew and transfer the domain for After the success of this mission, both he and Ben Campos also asked us to explore options and opportunities to update the current website for

While we work to determine those opportunities, it’s crucial for us to include your input as much as possible. In today’s fast-evolving market, ensuring that every interaction with your audience is meaningful has never been more important. ViSTOL champions this idea of making every interaction, especially through websites, cherished, impactful, and meaningful.

Understanding that not all organizations are at the same stage in their digital journey, we’re here to guide and support, whether an organization is taking their first steps, or looking to enhance an existing digital strategy. Your values, the core beliefs that drive this practice to success, are what we want to reflect in every digital interaction. Your perspective is essential in this process.

That’s why we’re eager to hear from you about what makes a great patient visit and how we can translate this into a digital format. This understanding will be the cornerstone for any new strategies that include a patient-focused website that seamlessly integrates your values with a digital strategy that resonates with your patients and community.