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“What makes a great patient visit?”

Understanding patient experiences from various angles within your practice is not just beneficial — it’s essential. Every role here contributes to the overall experience of your patients, from the moment they walk in, to their interactions with medical and support staff, to their follow-up care after they leave.

This discussion is about more than just gathering opinions. It’s about building a foundation for the brand strategy of The insights we gather today will inform how we position Dr. Campos in the healthcare market and communicate your values and strengths to our patients. We’re looking to capture the essence of what makes our practice unique and beloved by those we serve.

Every thought and observation you share is a piece of the puzzle in understanding the office’s current standing and shaping its future direction. It’s about seeing the practice through the eyes of those who interact with it daily, and through the experiences of the patients.

So, as we proceed, think about the experiences that stand out to you, what is being done well, and where improvements could be made. Your input is invaluable in creating a brand strategy that truly resonates with your patients and upholds the high standards of Dr. Campos’ practice.